This guy borders on venomous nihilism, and what I feel that he is completely missing is the “self-responsibility” aspect of the Democratic or Representative-Republic process. We, as the so-called “cattle” that are paying off the debts that we did not incur, still have the moral and intellectual responsibility to question and reinforce the efficacy and correctness of our elected officials’ actions and responses to events and issues that fall under the purview of the government. We have the duty as citizens in a representative republic have duties and obligations, too, not just voting for the schmuck that tells us what we want to hear. By being boxed-up and advertised-to rather than searching for our own information, we are led to believe that politics is a zero-sum game at its core… which is inherently bullshit.

Stated in the Constitution specifically, We The People retain the right to Abolish The Government and form a new one if it does not so represent us. Lawyers typically refer to contracts with that clause as “an out” or “voluntary release clause”. It is not necessarily just the fault of the government that brutality and economic slavery have come to power, it’s also collectively the American public’s fault for not educating themselves and questioning what they are told by the big media outlets and by the politicians that have enshrined themselves within the corporate media.

Not only do I recommend voting and remaining vocal, I recommend remaining eternally-vigilant for abuse of the system, studious in our quest for knowledge and the truthful dissemination thereof, and mobile in our pursuit of progress for our species. We have become inert, desolate, and sedentary in our culture that it sickens me. We don’t or can’t march like our culture did during Stonewall or the Race Equality movements because we’re both afraid and hopeless. The only things our culture marches for anymore are pride parades, military marches, and football.

If we want to truly see the system work for We The People, we first have to get off our asses, find causes we support, get informed, and inform others. Don’t just take the news at its word, DEMAND their sources. Read the sources. If you can’t understand the source, find someone who can that you trust. Disseminate the information you find, devour knowledge, but don’t you fucking sit there and complain and not DO anything.

Tolstoy had said “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”… well, I say “The three most powerful acts are ‘knowledge’, ‘action’, and ‘peace'”.

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