“The Power Of Vulnerability” (Speaker: Brene Brown, TEDxHouston 2010)

This is one of the most prescient talks I have seen out of any of the TED Talks I have watched so far.  It focuses on a specific issue that was spawned from a particular post titled “Feeling Unworthy?  Finding Your Way To Freedom” that dropped into my Google Reader feeds this morning from the site “A Flourishing Life“.  The talk itself hit on a bunch of ridiculously good points, while the article hit on a few more.

I admit, I have comfort and confidence issues that stem from vulnerability and my inability to let go of the past and negativity that has been visited upon me.  I’m always afraid of what people will think of me in every aspect of how I interact with them, as well as how I perceive myself as a result of rejection or strained relations with other people.  I always feel as if that vulnerability is a failing of my own doing, and that I am somehow at-fault for every bit of negativity (real or perceived) regarding my person.  Thinking about it now, it’s a poorly-conceived idea, but it’s the way I’ve operated for so long that it’s become natural.  I think now’s a good a time as any to start breaking out of that.  I just need to start being more comfortable with being vulnerable.

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