Today is one of those days that surprises you when you least expect it.  Today contains one of those surprisingly rare gems of wisdom that can be harnessed by anyone, anywhere.  Today, it struck me as to how lucky I am to be alive at this time, in this place, and in this space.  Our predecessors could not have foreseen how far we’ve come, when we lament far too often upon how far we have yet to tread.  It strikes me as simultaneously strange and beautiful that we can look upon the past with such amazement and disbelief about where we were as a species just a hundred years ago.  Today we cannot imagine a world where we lack the capability to call our nearest-and-dearest whenever the fancy strikes us, nor can we imagine a world where we cannot communicate with near-impunity nearly-instantly across the length and breadth of this amazing sphere we call home.

Today, I drove a 2-ton contraption of steel, petroleum-based composites, and various fluids with even more varied properties over 65 miles-per hour over roads that were painstakingly planned and efficiently built, totaling over 40 miles traversed.  Today, I typed arcane commands and used incomprehensibly-precise controller movements calculated with an impossibly-elaborate, interconnected system of devices and controls to send electrical signals through a network of other sufficiently-complex devices to other devices halfway across this Earth that will then send and display useful information to thousands more individuals like myself when they awake and begin their working day in a few short hours.  Today, I watched the rebirth of a country through signals sent, re-processed, and forwarded through various methods to a screen larger than most with a representational accuracy that would make even the most painstakingly-accurate painter scream in frustration.

We are more connected than ever, freer than ever thought possible, and we have great opportunities before us.  Our predecessors ate poorer food, received inaccurate information, and were confined to their station in life until their finite amount of time on this Earth was utterly spent.  We reside now in the Digital Age, if such a thing can truly “exist”.  We now reside in what many would argue is the “true” Enlightenment period, foretold by dreamers and intellectuals of the past.  We have the ability to communicate instantly, to learn as much as we wish, and to express ourselves in whatever ways we deem fit to provide.  But now, more than ever… we need You.

You are the past: You are every choice you have ever made, every mistake ever regretted, every triumph ever celebrated.

You are the present: You are every ounce of the person that you embody in the Now, every bit the person you’ve ever wanted to be, and every iota of potential.

You are the future: You are the embodiment of what you wish to be, however you wish to pursue it, and every opportunity that yet lies before you.

We need You with every fault, every strength, and every bit of your being.  Because today– even this very moment, someone is fighting for their freedom.  Right now, someone is starving; some for love, some for acceptance, others for sustenance (both spiritual and physical).  Right now, someone is faltering from the truth that they are someone.  Someone’s daughter, someone’s son; someone’s brother, someone’s sister.  And that someone could be You.

Some have said that once someone has faltered, they have fallen.  Some from Grace, some from Light, others from all that they know.  But all you should know, is that there is a hand there waiting for you to reach out and grasp it.  There is a waiting and patient heart, ready to help you release that burden.  There is a warm and happy embrace, waiting to experience the real You; not the shell that has come to represent You.  I’m not referring to God, Jesus, Allah, the Buddha, the Goddess or the God… I’m referring to people.  To Us.  We do not wait with tired eyes and impatient sighs, we wait with reverence at your struggle, with mirth bubbling beneath the surface.  You may have fallen many times, but each time that you stand, your height is just a little bit taller.

Just as there is no Chaos without Order, no Darkness without Light, no Twilight without the Dawn… there is no life without acceptance and love of the Now; of Everything.  Everything is incomprehensible, while at the same time remaining right in front of your eyes.  Everything is joyous and painful, while having no effect on You at all.  And just like Everything, you must go on.

And “go on” you will… after all, You are Everything.

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