Life as a series of collisions… part two

As-promised, here is the other half of the promised post from this weekend.

I have the vague feeling that the universe was trying to throw my karma at me to get it out of the way or to let me know I was definitely doing something wrong recently.  The Saturday before last (the 16th), I managed to hyper-extend my left elbow after falling from a V3 route at Vital… hooray for me.  Luckily, nothing was broken and all I have right now is a little stiffness in the forearm closest to the elbow, but I attribute that primarily to the “band” (as I call it) that operates between the bicep and the forearm “slipping” over the elbow when it hyper-extended.  I imagine there’s still some tissue damage underneath all of that, but most of the pain has gone and I’m back to climbing V2 routes relatively comfortably, so I’m not really worried about it.

However, two days later I’m riding back down the hill from Jimbo’s organic grocery up on El Camino Real, and I get scooped-up onto the hood of a white Mercedes while on my bike.  I get dumped on my ass on the street, my bottle of kombucha goes crunch, and all that’s damaged are my bike and my (now-bruised) ego.  $150 later, I’m the semi-proud owner of a real road-bike.  With skinny tires and everything!  Man, I feel privileged sometimes.  Except for that whole “destroying the mountain bike” deal.  Speaking of, if anyone wants a spare mountain bike to rehab, you can pick it up from me in Carlsbad.  Take it (please).

On a side-note, I finally got through “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, and it was probably the driest read I’ve ever had of any self-help book in my life.  I can see why it worked in the early 90’s when things like Xmind (plug-plug-plug) didn’t exist and everyday people didn’t have access to broadband pretty much everywhere they went.  Cripes, I can access my Xmind maps via Dropbox (plug-plug-plug-part-deux) on my Samsung Galaxy Tab over 3G and make adjustments and additions to the map that I’ve created to keep track of most of the important things going on in my life.  You can’t get much more organized than that, to be honest.  Not without ditching your social-life… or any life, for that matter.

Unrelated to the previous topics (sort-of), I’ve been toying with the idea of using ISBU storage containers as living quarters in the future as a way to both distance myself from the urban setting or at least to compartmentalize (in this case literally) my personal life so I don’t have to bother with renting a place and spending tons of time keeping it clean, maintaining it, keeping it pest-free, and powering it.  I barely use any power these days, and the only time I really need to be at home is either to study or sleep.  I don’t have people over, and having the ability to just up-and-call somebody with a container-sized flatbed trailer to come pick up my life-in-a-box and move it to someplace more convenient just strikes me as a better deal.  Hell, slap a solar-panel on it, cut a hole for a window or two, hard-mount some IKEA furniture into the bloody thing, put a solar-powered water-heater on it and some way to either collect rainwater or attach to municipal water-supply (with tons of filtration, mind you) and it’s a done-deal.  It’s pretty much an RV sans-wheels.  Structurally-sound, totally insulated, and compact to-boot, I can’t think of a better way to make my life mobile without taking a trailer and rehabilitating it from the inside out.  At least with a storage container I get more space.  Just means I gotta call Joe the Truck Driver anytime I need to move.

Also, still on the look-out for Linux-based Systems Administration positions in the San Fran/Los Angeles area, if anybody’s got their radar on for that sort of thing.  I am always interested in new opportunities and more ways to expand my knowledge and experience.  Done with the Shameless Self-Plugging… time to rest.

Something I wrote, by the way: “There will be no hero from a distant land, from another time, or descending from on-high to be the savior of us all. We need to be our own heroes. Just as our imaginings of those heroes and heroines are of fearless, stalwart defenders… so too, must we also be. Don’t wait for a hero or heroine… be one yourself.”


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