Economics-as-a-blueprint (for social suicide)…

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of opinion, not to be taken as factual statements.  This work is cobbled-together from observations of the world as I am to understand it based on my limited knowledge.

If you haven’t seen “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism”, you really should.  If you have no clue as to what’s going on with the current state of events around the world with regard to economic and industrial deregulation, privatization of largely-public concerns (namely transportation, police/security forces, power, water, and education), and the effect of “shock and awe” on patients (and the populations of sovereign nations and the world)… then I feel sorry for you.  To me, that says that the blinders have been on for far too long, and you’ve more-than-likely bought-in on the foolish mirage of a consumer paradise.

To put things into an initial perspective, put yourself in these shoes and this mental-image:

You’re fast-asleep in your home, nothing going wrong.  A window is smashed open, and you awake long enough to witness the deafening and blinding detonation of a stun grenade not 5 feet from your head.  You’re totally disoriented, unable to understand what’s going on.  You feel your arms painfully pinned behind your back, and you’re face-down on the floor in broken-glass.  You can barely make-out the sound of guttural voices barking commands to you.  You’re laying in a pile of shattered glass and burned carpet, and your wrists and feet are bound together.  A gag is inserted, and a bag is slipped over your face.  You wake up in a strange place where it seems that the only thing that makes you feel alive at all is the pain that is delivered to you randomly throughout what you can only assume are days, as you haven’t seen the sky as far back as you can remember.  You no longer recall the sound of your own voice or the taste of clean water.  All you remember is the pain, and you shrink in abject fear upon the threat of pain from your faceless captors.  Welcome to your new reality.

This isn’t too far removed from the experiences of Guantanamo detainees, nor is it all that distant from the experiences of “political” prisoners around the world.  Historically speaking, the Machiavellian use of fear, torture, and manipulation to achieve the ends of the a particular political or military figure or group is not all that uncommon.  We’ve experienced it first-hand, as recently as this past decade: protests against austerity measures in Greece, the wholesale growth and spread of the so-called “Mid-East Rebirth” and the “Jasmine Revolutions”, as well as large-scale protests here in the United States against the explicit robbery of American taxpayers to benefit companies and individuals who have engineered both the most recent market failure as well as the wholesale deregulation of finance, industry, and environmental policy.  There are multiple parties at-fault within the United States for the merciless advance of corporate interests above those of the common-interest of the people, but primarily the individuals that comprise the highest echelons of decision-making, direction, and management of these massive organizations are primarily to-blame.  Corporate power has grown unchecked and unchallenged in this country through the clever application of currency devaluation, social engineering (some would say “re-programming”), propaganda, and through threat of force (often times through draconian laws designed to defeat socially-progressive deviations in social mores).

Am I making claims of the existence a vast conspiracy?  No.

Am I making claims of the existence of a massive conflagration of various circumstances that are working both separately and simultaneously to demolish human progress and advancement?  Hell yes.

What we are looking at in the world today is nothing less than the wholesale destruction and restraint of human potential through devaluation of beliefs and mores that are based in human wisdom (rather than the corporately-acceptable grasp for material goods), the comprehensive dismantling of social ties outside of tightly-constrained and engineered mechanisms (resulting in dehumanization of those residing outside “social boundaries), and the underlying massive campaign to keep information contained within the hands of those that claim their “elite” status amongst the species (disruption and destruction of public education, financial barriers to college, the declining availability of physical space and time to learn and teach, as well as the campaigns to maintain corporate and government secrecy).

Consider this fact: Under social-democratic and “socialist” systems, education is generally more fair across-the-board, crime is reduced, and disease is (generally) lower.  Considering how far and how deeply Milton Friedman aficionados’ affection for anarcho-capitalism has infiltrated much of the American consciousness, it should come as no surprise that public school systems are failing, crime is becoming a serious problem, and disease is rearing its ugly visage in increasing numbers.  Those that profess a love for the “libertarian way” are often shocked when they discover that the deregulation they so righteously scream at the top of their lungs to bring to-bear results in a general reduction of health, expression, and liberty in the society in which they live.  If you indeed lean this way, ask yourself this:

Has deregulation truly aided you in any meaningful way?

Has it given us cleaner air or water?  Has it granted us cheaper and safer goods and services?  Has it in any way enhanced your day-to-day life?

OR… has it simply enhanced the day-to-day life and livelihood of the 1% that have stood upon your shoulders this entire time?

These are the questions that spring to mind when I consider the net-effect of currency and authoritarian systems of governance.  Outside of dialogue/negotiation with other nations, defense, education, and law, I personally see no need or use for government or (admittedly, by extension of my own twisted logic) currency.  Currency helps to create a culture of scarcity, and where it exists violence flourishes.  Those that have no food or shelter and maintain a strong will to live will justify stealing to feed themselves or others if there are no other means that conflict with other morals that may be weaker by comparison.  Those that covet material goods above all else will find ways to accumulate that “wealth” without compunction… even if it devolves to the initiation of force upon another individual.

A governing body is no different.  A government will exert force (either through application of threat, extraction under duress, or outright violence) to achieve those ends it deems necessary for the perpetuation of the function of the governing body.  A corporation (or other similar organization) will often times perform the same actions in pursuit of profit; even if it means working outside of the law to achieve its goals.  Take one look at military contractors, corporate profits, and the dehumanization that occurs with similar bodies and organizations, and you begin to understand just how violent a conflagration and co-mingling of these circumstances becomes.

Extrapolation from this point is not necessary.  That is to say: “place the pieces together”.

  • Mass devaluation of currency?  Check.
  • A complacent and unconscious force of working-poor, slavishly devoted to the organizations that engineer their life-long misery and mortgages their future as well as their children’s ?  Check.
  • A political system rigged to allow persons and organizations with enough capital to discreetly and/or secretly “purchase” politicians and elections? Check.
Allow me to ask one final question:
What governing body or organization currently exists whose sole-purpose is to restore human dignity and resume the path of human progression?

None.  That’s right, none.  There is no organization or governing body that will be there to stop anything that furthers the agenda of the “Haves” at the total expense (read that as: your life) of the “Have-Nots”.

In my opinion (and if you’re reading any of this, I would hope that you would believe that this is opinion and not factual statements… the disclaimer is posted at the top), the only way to escape this destructive cycle is to make as much movement to self-sustaining individual living or community-based sustainable living and divest yourself (either individually or as a group) of currency altogether.  With advances in aeroponics (Yes, Virginia, it does exist), solar panels, and ISBU container-homes becoming a trending topic among permaculture groups and enthusiasts, it’s not difficult to figure out how to get “off the grid” or “out of the rat-race” entirely.

My personal goal is to be as far out of the rat-race as possible in the near future by clearing my debts, reducing my material utilization, my overall “footprint” on this planet, and work to sustain myself outside of the rat-race.  Why?  Because I don’t want to be at Ground Zero when currency loses all meaning, when our race’s “humanity” disappears, and all bets are off.

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