Why Progressives Seem to Lose (A Lot These Days)

Anthony Weiner is set to resign… just goes to show that it’s not just far-right “Conservatives” that are spineless, it goes to show that progressives are just as bad. He didn’t stay in politics for the principle of the thing, didn’t stay in to keep his progressive voice in the chamber, just caved to public pressure and went whimpering into the night.  I get it that he wants to save his marriage… but y’know what?  Some things are bigger than just one man’s marriage.  If he were a true politician, and if his wife were any kind of real progressive lion, she’d understand and let him get back to the work he’s doing to advance the progressive cause.

THIS is why we lose, friends. THIS is why things like Prop 8 pass. THIS is why the PATRIOT Act still exists.  Because progressives let personal crap like this absolutely ruin their images, distract them from the real problems, and keep them from holding Republicans to the same standard.  How many Republicans are still in office after the whole D.C. Madam scandal?  How many are still around after the thousands of scandals that have already shamed our halls on BOTH sides of the aisles?

Isn’t it about time that we stop paying attention to sex scandals in this country?  Whatever happened to REAL politics?  Whatever happened to truth, responsibility, accountability, and wisdom?  Why are these just bullet-points in a political ad in this day and age?

WHY aren’t progressives WIPING THE FLOOR with Republi-‘tards since we seem to have all the facts on our side that support capping greenhouse emissions, growing the “Green Jobs” sector, reducing our national debt, disengaging from foreign entanglements, and providing equality for all citizens of this nation REGARDLESS of race, creed, color, religion, sexuality, gender expression, disability or otherwise?

SERIOUSLY, people.  Not only is this depressing, this is downright SHAMEFUL.  The biggest and baddest democracy in the Western Hemisphere, and we can’t get Republican idealogues to sit-down, shut-up, and get their facts straight before opening their fascist mouths again?  We, as a progressive caucus, have FAILED time- and time-again, year-after-year, election-after-election.  Why?  Because we are too afraid of alienating voters.

Too afraid to spill the truth, too afraid to be the loudest voice of reason, too afraid of being what we should be: Progressive.  I’m done being afraid for the sake of political expediency, I’m done with feeling as if we should cave to every single corporate scheme to rob us blind and pollute what little remains of our natural Earth, I’m done being the straw-man for O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh.  There are REAL problems that need REAL solutions in this country right now.  We don’t need idealogues, we don’t need religion to rule our lives, and we MOST ESPECIALLY don’t need to be focusing on the sexualities or sex lives of our elected officials.

What they do in their own time is their own business.  If their idea of a fun Friday night is getting half of the 2-person horse outfit on, chasing their wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other around the living room while they’re dressed in a burkka, and waiting til their friend(s) get to the house with the whip cream and video camera, then FINE.  I could care LESS.  That’s their PRIVATE TIME, PRIVATE LIFE.  What *I* care about is what they do on Capitol Hill to save my country, make sure my taxes help all of society, and make sure that I can continue to do as I please by making sure that my civil liberties are not being violated.

What do YOU care about?

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