An open letter to Jack Hunter, columnist at The American Conservative

To Jack Hunter,

I’ve paid attention to your videos on YouTube and posts with The American Conservative for a long time, and I’ve been an off-and-on fan of yours for many years… and I can honestly say you’re probably amongst the small group of small-‘c’ conservatives that I count as political peers, citing fiscal conservatism insofar as it affects foreign policy and social ‘liberalism’ as far as domestic policy is concerned (on a side-note, ‘domestic liberalism’ seems like a rather disingenuous mix of nomenclature, but that’s another topic entirely).

Where I have been most frustrated as of late is how little interaction seems to be occurring between classic ‘leftist’ liberals and small-‘c’, non-axial conservatives who value personal freedoms and limited foreign involvement.  We can come to a number of conclusions both singularly as well as collectively, but the one thing that sticks-out like Dubya’s sore hitch-hiker’s thumb after he was unceremoniously dropped from the public spotlight is that there is no major media coverage of any kind in relation to bridge- or consensus-building between Americans who ought to be connected to each other on an intrinsic level: conservatives, liberals, and libertarians.

Despite what any talking-heads say, “liberals” value America as much as any dyed-in-the-wool Neo-conservative or Republican, and anyone who tells you otherwise obviously either has a selective media-bias or is feigning ignorance in light of the truth: that truth being that liberty is alive-and-well in public celebrations like pride parades, ethno-centric festivities, and even Fourth of July celebrations.  Across the country, liberals spend as much time elevating the ideals of equality, opportunity, and personal freedom as conservatives do… it’s simply the methods that each party employs to achieve those goals that differ.

Speaking from experience as a gay male who has identified as every political stripe as I have aged and my world-view has expanded, I can say honestly that America is a microcosm of something I refer to as “The Great Human Conflagration”, where all humanity is engulfed in a massive struggle to reach the idealized “safe water” or “stable ground”.  What kills me is that the conflagration itself is fueled by misunderstanding and a lack of reasonable discussion between individuals, movements, coalitions, and leaders.

This is where you come in, and let me say something here (and try NOT to sound like a groupie or ass-kisser):

You’re an effective speaker.  The reason I can say this is because most any speaker that can hold my attention for more than 5-to-10 minutes is someone I both respect and admire.  In these fast-paced and turbulent times, it feels as if many people (myself included) are unable or unwilling to waste time with ideologues and pundits on either side of the fence.  I like to say to people I know (borrowed from Henry Rollins) that “I’m a high-speed, low-drag, lowest-common-bullshit-denominator-kind-of-guy”, and it shows in the way that I interact with people and how I view politics in this country.  You have a talent for cutting through the crap and getting right to the heart of a situation: and that’s why we need more people like you in media circulation.

I know you do columns and speaking gigs for The American Conservative and your own video projects on YouTube, but I think it’s time you stepped-up and started taking a swing at establishment politics on their own turf: national television.  I feel as if it’s time you collaborated with someone of your own calibre, and perhaps even someone opposite your own political stripe, but someone that can match you on both an intellectual and a political level.  Olbermann and Maddow come to mind, but Cenk Ungur also remains a close contender.  Maybe even some of the CNN anchors like Cooper or O’Brein would take you up on an offer to interview or co-anchor.  Or better yet, maybe take a swing at establishment media from The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

I’m not asking anymore, I’m begging: Please, for all of us that are caught in the no-man’s-land of American politics that just want to be left alone to eat, drink, smoke, and embrace whatever they want, who just want a functional government, and who don’t want to be left behind the rest of the world like a discarded 20th-century-relic, get into this.  We need you.

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