The Return

It’s been a long couple of weeks.  Got back from Burning Man on Monday afternoon, took a real shower, and went out with my boyfriend to #1 on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest and played a couple rounds of pool.  Makes me realize just how much I take the subtleties of modern life for granted a lot of times: things like clean toilets, indoor plumbing, contained showers, sealed shelters, good weather, and (relatively) clean cooking surfaces.  I take none of these for granted now that I am aware of them (yet again), and I have returned to using them on a daily basis.  Makes me grateful for a great deal of things in my life.

Met a ton of people both in the theme camp in which I had chosen to reside as well as outside in the many theme camps, sound camps, and independent camps and parties that dotted the landscape of the Burn.  By-and-large, the souls I found were rather bright and filled with a good nature and a kind of amiability that I have seldom encountered outside of the traditional “hippie” venues that are present in American culture.  I managed to not only meet a few dozen talented and bright individuals while bouncing from place-to-place along the Playa, but I also managed to spin fire for the first time!  Utterly terrifying, if I can get away with saying that and not tarnishing my “manliness” quotient.

Among all of the hustle-and-bustle of the busy pseudo-party atmosphere of Burning Man, I also feel that somewhere along the way I managed to ditch some of my old baggage and settle-in a bit in my own skin.  I feel like it’s easier to just “be me” now instead of pretending I’m something I’m not.  I still have my preferences and “costume changes” (clothing), but at my core, stripped-down and bared for all the world to see… I’m just me.  Nobody else but me.

Nowhere else in the Universe would I rather have been than at Burning Man this year for all the things I learned and all the people I met.  All you shiny, beautiful people out there… keep it up.  Don’t let anyone or anything tear down what you are or what you aspire to be, ever.

On a final note, a raver (who, admittedly, was rolling his balls off wasted) came up to me after I finished a set of spinning in front of Temple of Boom (run by the magnificent people at Opulent Temple) to tell me this: “I have a gift for you.  Your new playa name is ‘Gandalf’!”


Gandalf says it’s time for bed.  And then back to bitch-slapping Sarumon and fighting Sauron work.  Cheers.

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