You’re what I rise in the morning for,
You’re the reason I lay down to sleep utterly exhausted.
You’re the reason I cry over all the big things and laugh at the myriad of minutia.
You drive me to drink, raise me to lust, push me to succeed, and dare me to fail.
You pull out the deepest feelings of depression, pull out all the static in my head,
force-feed me shards of glass… and caress me in the dying sunlight afterwards.

You’re a temptress, a hustler, a liar, and a harlot.
You’re a saint, a guru, a lover, and a teacher all wrapped-up into one.

You make me feel and see so many things… and see and feel so much of myself.
I will never understand you; even though you seem to understand every single ounce of me.

You drag it out of me, kicking-and-screaming:
Every bit of fear,
Every ounce of strength,
Every single tear,
and every single word, spoken to those who will listen to me at-length.

And through it all…
the suffering,
the pain,
the sublimation,
and the utter jubilation…

I can’t help but say what I know in my heart is the smallest sliver of Truth:

Thank you, and I love you.
I even remember your name:


~ Zero 7 – Distractions ~

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