Rage, rage on into eternity

There is no reason; there is no lesson to be found in admitting any kind of defeat or failure.  ‘Failure’ is just finding a hundred-thousand methods that don’t work.  There are no lessons to be learned or reasons to erect walls around oneself when failure rears its ugly head.  As a matter-of-fact, when you shut that door behind you… turn around and break it off the damn hinges.  Tear down the walls, graffiti the remnants with your deepest and most passionate thoughts and feelings, and never fear staring The Unknown right in the eye.  Get mad at the pain, get upset at the indifference, become furious at the nay-sayers.  Demolish everything that stands in your way.  Life is not merciful… so be merciless.

As Zach de la Rocha says, “anger is a gift”.  Don’t waste it.

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