Not An Anomaly

This is not a one-shot.  This is not an anomaly, this is not a fire-and-forget declaration, this is not a one-off that will fade into memory and fall into the dustbin of history.  This is the end-result and the beginning of what I hope will be a self-realized and actualized life.  This is a re-valuation and re-evaluation of what is important in my life, what I want to strive for, and why I continue to roll out of bed in the morning.  For the past few years, I’ve been laboring under the mistaken belief that everything will work itself out as long as I put out a steady-yet-moderate level of effort in various arenas of life, and I’ve been realizing more and more acutely in the last three months or so that this methodology is not only flawed, but utterly incorrect and incapable of producing real results.

In this day-and-age, there is no more room for half-measures, for flippant or foppish reactions, or for irrational or ill-conceived decisions.  The only options are to state the truth as it stands, confront it without fear, and utterly crush the obstacles in front of you.  Fire back at criticality with an alarming lack of restraint and destroy it at its source.  There is no reason to be idle or to remain in second gear when there is so much more than can be done and so much mediocrity that can be pushed out of the way of true innovation and utter success.

I may come-across as psychotic about improving and being successful, maybe even a little “un-hinged”, but what reason remains to excuse the opposite?

Personally, I’m going to start my move toward realizing my life and improving my endeavors by committing to:

  • Stop smoking hookah
  • Drink less caffeine and processed drinks
  • Exercise with more intention and direction
What three things can you commit to today to improve your lot in life?  List them in the comments, and let’s be merciless toward mediocrity together.
Your anger-shaman at-arms, and your comrade-in-common against mediocrity,

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