Life and success are contests of inches, affixed to the floors, walls, and ceilings of an Inferno.  The surface burns, wounds, and pains many, but in order to succeed you have to fight.  Fight for every inch, crawl for every meter and every hair’s breadth of distance.  Inch-by-bloody-inch.

Excuses are weights and shackles.  They constrict and restrain us, tying us to old behaviors and methodologies that have not, do not, and never will serve anyone’s purposes of survival and success.

You are equipped with the all the tools and vestments required to repress the negative and reclaim your momentum, to stand on your own strength and move toward survival and success.

Avoid the mold, climb on up, destroy the things that hold you down.

You are born in a quantum-style dual-state: perfect and imperfect simultaneously.  Perfect for the moment, but imperfect for the situations and places that you want to go.

Perfect in the fact that you are born into this world under the circumstances and body that you are to do exactly what you were meant to do and influence the people you were meant to.

Imperfect in the fact that we have the freedom to recognize our shortcomings, our faults, our chains and baggage, and we hold within us the power to not just empower ourselves to move beyond it, but to empower others.

It’s up to you as to whether you accept the challenge, dig-in, and crawl.  Crawl into a steady walk, then break into a run.  Sprint into the future, into your own, into your survival and ultimate success.

It’s always been up to you.  Now get out there and make it happen.


In Flames – My Sweet Shadow

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