Imagine if all humanity was fixed upon the ideals of happiness and all peoples’ well-being.  Can you imagine what a world made in the image of happiness and well-being would look like?

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, or the evening, or even the afternoon wherever you happened to fall asleep comfortably.  You look around and are instantly met by colors, surfaces, and smells that are pleasing and calming to you.  Your mind does not instantly cleave from waking bliss to the next item on the to-do list, it just meanders to what your heart desires most at that moment.

Your heart desires a good meal?  Don’t worry, the food’s all there ready for the picking.

Imagine that all human structures (homes, offices, libraries, gymnasiums, everything) contained places where food grows from the Earth freely, and can be taken without consequence.  Healthy, organic, pesticide-free, and genetically un-modified fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains ready for picking and eating.  You pick your favorite fruit from a nearby plant: a dragon fruit, and you find a comfortable place to sit-down and watch the clouds slide-by while you peel and eat the fruit of the Earth.

You desire knowledge?  No problem, the library and many other human information sources are wandering the areas around you.

Imagine that in any human-populated area, you can walk or ride public transit to a building that provides any information on-demand for you to read and indulge in.  Any literature that you can possibly conceive, there is a digital record of, all available for free out of the desire to share the pleasures of reading and imagination from their authors.  You select a few electronic books, movies, and songs to carry with you on a portable device of your choosing and find a comfortable place to sit, content in viewing, taking in knowledge, and pondering on their meaning.  You find a few fellow readers and begin discussing your favorite books, movies, and music.  Philosophers, musical virtuosos, playwrights, and more come to mind as you talk into the wee-hours of the following morning, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and veiled by the inexorable change of sky from day-to-night and back to daybreak once more.

You have a desire to go rock climbing?  Nothing that someone hasn’t already thought of and provided in advance.

Imagine that you can look up a map and find the closest gymnasium or outdoor nature preserve and take the public transit system to the desired location, free of charge and without carbon emissions.  The air is so clean and pristine as it blows through your hair and dances along your skin that you could swear that it was the very breath of divinity.  You arrive and are provided gear that is as new as one could hope for, and proceed on to the activity, learning from those eager to teach its intricacies therein.  Basic movements, strengths, weaknesses, and mental challenges are all laid-bare before you and left for you to work with and digest simultaneously.  You find it a challenge, but you are not phased by its difficulty: because you know it will be there another day, and you retire from it to find a shower and rest.

You want to go home?  Surprise.  “Home” is anywhere you see fit to lay your head down.

Imagine that there are no permanent “homes” for people.  Everything is provided and available at any time for no cost.  You simply find a desired safe spot to rest, and make your sleeping arrangements there.  All the showers, soaps, and surfaces are clean, smooth, and natural.  You find no need to lock doors or close windows, there is no reason for violence or distrust: all things are provided freely and all help is offered and rendered to those who ask.

Picture this, if you will.  Imagine what kind of world we could be enjoying if we spent as much on implements of healing and building as we did on implements of death and destruction.  Imagine what kind of wondrous civilization we could be if we spent more time engaging each other fearlessly and with infinite compassion and love.  Imagine what kind of paradise it would be if we could all share and provide for each other, and bring peace to each others’ wild hearts.

I can only imagine… but I wonder how long it will simply remain an image in my head?

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