End the Forward-March

In the last post, I detailed why I think the uni-directional forward-march feels like it’s unstoppable most of the time… and let’s face it: most of the time it is.  The differences between the post I made yesterday and the ideas that formulated today are as wide as the oceans, and tell me one thing: I wasn’t thinking big enough.  The scope of the concepts of living the legend I was telling myself and of helping others to live their legends has traditionally been contained to myself and a very select few people that I felt might be worth the effort… but I was wrong.

There is an entire under-class on this Earth that yearns for a return to the natural order of things, a return to the wonder of limitless potential of human creativity and wisdom, a transformation of current times and situations from fear and desperation to love and exuberant exploration.  We all felt that anything was possible during the 90’s as we approached the millennium.  That humanity would wake-up from its fear-driven acts of destruction, from all of the misunderstandings, and from all of the hate… and yet, here we are still, hurting each other as well as ourselves in the worst possible ways.  Some of us have taken to knives, guns, and bombs to inflict pain while others have turned to excessive substance abuse, vicarious living through pop-culture, shameless consumerism, and rampant psychological abuse that spans the gamut between “I’m just not good enough” to suicidal tendencies.

I want to turn this around, one person at a time.  Starting with me.

I started taking risks in 2004 to see if I could push my boundaries out, if I could send my limitations out a bit further and find that I really wasn’t as small, timid, or weak as I thought I was at the time.  I started dating, even though I had always been told throughout my life that I would never find someone that could love me.  It may have taken me 8 years and a dozen relationships, but I’ve found at least one that wants me for who I am not for who I have been trying to be.  I started working out, believing for the longest time that I could never do anything physically-demanding or be of any use to anyone.  After 5 years and sublimating my energy into bouldering, my physicality is at a completely new level.  I can climb V3 and V4 boulder problems when 5 years ago I couldn’t pull my body-weight on a chin-up bar without help.  I have never felt as good as I feel when I send something completely new and challenging.  I started taking on more challenging jobs, believing for even longer than I can remember that I had been told “it wasn’t the work, it was me” that wasn’t good enough to make things happen.  I’m working in the technology sector, making double what I did only 3 years ago and I’m working on sublimating that into projects that I feel will more directly benefit the people I care about most: people, not companies.

This year, I’m taking some very important steps that I know will open up a lot of opportunities.  I’m paying off all of my debts, including my truck and every single credit card I have, because the methodology that I am employing is one of “footprint reduction”.  By reducing the amount of money I have to pay out as a debtor, I can reduce the amount of money I have to take in as an employee and I can choose to take a lower-paying job if it makes me happier.  For too long I have spent my time trying to make more money instead of trying to find ways to make myself happier through finding work that I want to do.  There is a lot to be said toward being happy with one’s lot in life by being thankful for having a job, a place to live, and food to eat… but I think there’s even more to be said about being able to take the leaps of faith required to be able to do the work that really means something to you in the long-run.

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