Seems to me that people seem to misunderstand just what it is that they are capable of.  People like the ease of being able to click a ‘share’ or ‘like’ button on a link or being able to comment on something that dances around the central problem that they are trying to make a statement about.

Here’s the rub: the ‘like’ and ‘share’ counts on someone’s article or link doesn’t mean a bloody thing.  What’s meaningful is adding your voice and your information to the conversation.  What’s useful is actually standing-up for something instead of just agreeing with someone.

It’s not necessarily being ‘partisan’ unless your entire goal is to piss the opposing groups off, but more like ‘being active’ when you actually say something of some worth or meaning.

‘Worth’ is rather nebulous, but if you’re not leaping headlong into the fray, why are you even bothering to spare a click or an ounce of your time on something you already agree upon?

Do yourself and the rest of the country (or even the world) a favor and actually do something about it.  You want to make a statement that you’re all about helping the homeless?  Volunteer some time at the shelter or give some money when you can.  You want to say something about discrimination?  Show your solidarity with a discriminated group and speak up for them when no-one else will.  You want to do something about poverty in your city or on the other side of the planet?  Get a donation drive going or give your voice to the voiceless in city council meetings or through various charitable organizations.

The point here is that a meaningless ‘share’ or ‘like’ won’t get anything done.  Getting things done means getting your hands dirty, and if that means getting into it with your bigoted family or friend in front of a bunch of other people and showing how wrong or backward they are then so be it.  At least you’ll be doing something meaningful.

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