steph-learning-to-fly-11In this, Seth Godin is correct once again.  Some people I know personally (including myself) have fallen into this trap more than once, and end-up getting caught-up in this unrealistic expectation of the way it’s going to be. Once the hard part starts, the disillusionment sets-in and either folks give-up or they find reasons not to pursue it.  What’s ruling people in these situations isn’t a realistic understanding of what it is to be out on the sharp-end, but instead something much more simple and easily-understood: fear.  While true, that fear can be a pretty effective motivator it doesn’t engage the deepest and most authentic things that on-lookers are keeping a weathered-eye out for: you.

When you let fear rule your ambitions or rule what you pursue, that’s when we see the most inauthentic part of you imaginable: The ‘you’ that has been formed by opinion-makers, manufacturers, marketers, and a legion of others who don’t understand your story at the core.

When you operate from a place of fear, a space of material want, or a feeling of guilt or hate, all you’re showing to the world is that you’re interested in ranking higher according to someone else’s rubric and not the one that matters the most.  I’ve made myself a victim of this kind of thinking off-and-on for more than a decade, and I’ve personally witnessed its destructive power.  It saps dreams of the gravity that their orbits depended on, decimates their shine, and helps to keep people anchored to the safe and unexamined life… which isn’t much of a life at all, if you ask me.

Sometimes operating from a place of authenticity and strength is as simple as dumping your expectations overboard, cutting the anchor to the safe shore, and venturing out into those rough seas; hell-or-high-water be damned.

Just ‘be’, show up, and do the work.  Simple as that.

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