“This is too hard”
“I’m just not good at this”
“There are way more talented people doing this already”
“I give up”

Life isn’t easy. Life, in all of its chaotic splendor, is just as likely to hinder you as to help you. Life itself is a challenge, issued forth from the deepest portions of the cosmos. Living is a challenge, meaningful work is a challenge– hell, breathing is hard sometimes.

A full life worth living is not without its challenges and difficulties, nor is it chock-full of fluffy bunnies and unicorns (much to the chagrin of self-help “gurus”). A full life will so utterly destroy you and remake you that in a few short years, you might not even recognize yourself in the mirror. Life is full of choices and difficulties to overcome, and in the end it doesn’t matter if you worked for world peace or climbed Everest or discovered the cure for cancer. What really matters is the story you tell with deeds and words, what imprint or mark you leave in the souls of those closest to you.

Letting your story end in silence, disgrace, or an early death won’t help anyone, nor will it inspire. And yes, life does get that fucked sometimes. Sometimes life beats you bloody-and-raw… But the best (and admittedly only worthwhile) thing to do is to get back up and get back to it.

So get up. Get. Up.. Put ’em up, and get back to the work that you can’t not do. Because anything less just won’t cut it.

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