Getting a message over and around the din of traditional modern communication is difficult these days, especially when the information is challenging or potentially dangerous to established hierarchies.

There are plenty of people who depend on your passiveness and your malleability–which is why marketers, PR firms, and politicians tend to favor the tools that have served those ends. Make more noise, keep them passive, and keep their frustrations at a low simmer. Give them an “Other” to blame. Make the barriers for introducing new or conflicting information as unattainably-high as possible. Give them no meaningful outlet to express their frustration. Keep them angry and isolated.

What many of the aforementioned individuals are starting to realize is that the Internet has turned that paradigm completely on its ear. The barriers to entry in the information ecosystem lie shattered, the frameworks that were laboriously constructed and maintained over hundreds of years of systematic control are being demolished, and the truth is becoming increasingly easier to find, scrutinize, and disseminate in real-time.

In short: there is no barrier to entry anymore. Whistleblowers, citizen-journalists, artisans, musicians, rabble-rousers, non-conformists, bleeding-edge engineers, and trend-bucking visionaries are clearing the paths that millions in their wake will tread. The questions that seem to come up more often lately are deceptively complex:

* What is worth engaging? (Curation)
* Who is worth communicating with? (Community)
* What is the call to arms? (Action)

The only people who can answer these questions is ourselves, individually. Which is the point of the whole exercise, isn’t it? Choice and responsibility.

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