Emotional Investment

The ones that invest everything they are into a product, a project, or a cause are the ones you want on your side.

The ones that’ll stay awake for 36 hours working on the thorny problems. The ones that have your back in a literal sink-or-swim situation. The ones who know you well enough to tell you to go home or take a vacation when you’re too stubborn to go of your own volition.

That’s an investment that’s hard to repay. At the same time, it’s a kind of trust that’s built in times of trial and solidified in the crucible of shared understanding. The kind of trust that says volumes:

“Don’t shift focus away from the shared vision.”

“Don’t misrepresent me or make me do things that go against our shared goals.”

“Don’t devalue or demean who we are or what we do.”

Breaking that kind of trust isn’t something to be done lightly. Don’t make the mistake, and you won’t have to deal with the problems that come with it.

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