En Fuego

In the approximately 5 years of being a SysAdmin, I’d like to think that I’ve encountered a great majority of problems and recovered from them.

What I and many others like myself have often struggled with is not letting the day-to-day fires get to us. We worry, we stress, we get wrapped-up in the should-have, would-have, could-have of everyday tasks.

Here’s the differentiator: knowing when it is useful to become energized by the opportunity to work on a thorny problem vs. becoming worked-up about something that is ultimately meaningless a week from now.

Is anyone dead? Is anyone dying? Is anything on fire (physically)? If not, stop freaking out and get down to the work of fixing it. There will be plenty of time (and many people involved in) deconstructing what happened and how to either make sure it doesn’t happen again, or at least minimize the impact.

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