Beginner’s Mind

Beginners are the luckiest people of all.

They don’t have to worry about pleasing someone or “delivering” on a product immediately. They have the coveted ability to simply work on what they want to work on, irregardless of the outcome or the “doneness” of the thing in-question.

Whether it’s designing a concept car’s body, drawing something brand new, putting togetherĀ a few catchy chords for a song they’re working on, writing a new bit of bash or Ruby, or even mountain-biking for the first time, being able to come to the beginner’s mind and revel in the novelty of it all is the ultimate joy.

Often, it’s the professionals who are (secretly) jealous of the newcomers. New blood has the opportunity to shake-up old paradigms, design entirely new frameworks, or to re-frame the entire enterprise in a completely new way. That’s the power of the new. Don’t squander it.

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