Seems to me that even with the advances we’ve made in talking about our feelings and our problems privately, there seems to be very little space made available to talk about the things that stress us out.  The little things that pile-up higher and higher until we can’t see beyond ourselves; fortifications erected without our knowledge or our conscious consent.  We compress it down and create our own little outposts of fear and paranoia until we are forced to lash out and force others to acknowledge us.  We tend to hold it all in.

  • “Never let them see you sweat”
  • “Weakness is pernicious”
  • “Acknowledgement only makes it stronger”
  • “Let it go”
  • “Ignore it”

What tends to go unnoticed is the pain.  The kinds of pain that we are either too afraid to talk about because we don’t want to expose our vulnerability or are too ashamed of because we were burdened with the myth that we are supposed to be invincible.

Vulnerability isn’t the problem, it’s the start of a solution.  What we lack in connection can be built through trust and vulnerability.  By speaking the truth irregardless of how ridiculous it might sound when spoken aloud and allowing others to ask questions, to prod at the wound, and to see the sources of that pain, we begin to heal.

“I am because we are”.  Shouldn’t be any more complicated than that.

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