We’ve been told throughout our lives that whimsy is the enemy of Getting Things Done.  That being an adult with responsibilities somehow precludes any opportunities for creativity, exploration, and engagement with the very things that made your soul sing and your senses buzz with excitement.

We are told over and over that dreams are childish, fanciful desires are unrealistic, and that ideal circumstances cannot be made–merely cobbled-together from the scant few scraps that are available to us.

If anything, whimsy flies directly in the face of convention.  Given enough time and encouragement, whimsy turns from flight-of-fancy to spontaneous creativity.  That creativity is what people are looking for; not for mediocrity, not for “business as usual”, but novelty.

There have been times where various figures in my life, whom I held in high regard, looked me dead in the eyes and said in no uncertain terms: “What you want isn’t possible.  You want work that’s meaningful, lower-stress, and well-paying, with the flexibility to be able to travel?  So does the rest of the world.  Give it up, suck it up, and get real.”

The whimsy wouldn’t let me turn away, even though I was discouraged.  I dreamed about it, thought about, experimented, designed, plotted, and scraped.  I persevered, and I planned.  I waited for circumstances and a window of opportunity, and I executed.  Hence: The Adventure Truck.



If I would have followed convention and failed to have listened to my heart, I’d have left something undone that would have brought me happiness.  I would have settled for someone else’s understanding of fulfillment.  I would have left a lot of personal growth on the table and walked away.

Instead, I now have the ability to begin adventuring in-earnest.  Wherever the call to adventure comes, whenever it becomes available, I won’t have to sit-by and say “sorry, I can’t”.  Now I have the ability to say, with vigor: “Hell yes!”

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