There’s two kinds of fear: fear that we ourselves create and fear that others infect us with.

The fear that we create says a lot about how we were raised and how we see ourselves.

The world isn’t safe!

Trying and failing just means I’m bad.

If I don’t succeed or achieve, I’ll be seen as less than.

This might not work.

The fear that others infect us with can be well-intentioned:

I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

You won’t be be in a good position to move forward!

It’s just a waste of time anyway.

The more work that we do for ourselves, the harder it is for fear to take root and turn into irrational fear that short-changes and cripples us.

“Rational fear” is the kind of fear that we encounter when we venture out of our comfort zones and into the void. When we step out, present ourselves in complete vulnerability and honesty, and give ourselves to the effort. Sure, it might not work. You might find yourself longing for the edge of your comfort zone where you can stare longingly into the vast expanse like viewing a skyline from a high-rise infinity pool–but with any luck the boundary of your comfort zone will have moved. You’ll realize that you’ve taken a step beyond and come back.

“The promised land” doesn’t exist, but that fabled place “where the magic happens” might be a lot closer than you think.

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