I’ve heard it said more than once by many people smarter and more brave than myself that sometimes its the preparation for a great undertaking that ends-up being more stressful than the actual undertaking itself.  It stands to reason that I would be stressed knowing that what I will embark upon soon is a stepping-stone to further adventure.

What I mean by that is precisely this: next month, I will be leaving on what will be an approximately 7,000 mile road-trip.  It will last about a month and will result in traveling through places that I’ve never been before, which is pretty exciting and a little intimidating.

My intended purpose for journey is two-fold: to show myself that it’s possible to do something scary and come out just fine on the other side, and to also break out of a pretty solid rut that I’ve been unable to break.



I’ll be leaving Boston, MA and traveling West for at least two days starting the third week of March.  It’ll be the first time I’ve been on a trip of any significant distance or duration in my life, which is exciting!

My first stop will be in Denver, CO, where I’ll be trying my hand at snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains.  Many friends have told me that the area boasts some pretty great conditions and this season has apparently been no exception.  I’m overjoyed that I’m getting a chance to not only see an area of the country that I’ve been considering living in for years but also to more or less visit the Mecca of the climbing world: Boulder, CO.

After a few days in Denver, I’ll be making my way to Las Vegas, NV to meet up with a dozen or so friends to go rock-climbing in Red Rock Canyon National Preserve.  There’s so many good climbs out there and it’ll be the first time I will have been able to climb outdoors this year.  I’ll be making good use of the climbing gear I’ve accumulated over the last year or so, and I hope to tick some 5.10s and hopefully a few 5.11s off of a forthcoming tick-list.

Once I’m done climbing, I’ll be spending the following week in Vegas recuperating and relaxing with a close friend.  There’s a lot more to the Vegas area besides “the strip” and the various entertainment venues such as the over 300 hot springs in the immediate vicinity, the miles of hiking and running trails, the food, and probably the most crucial: the change of scenery.  I haven’t been in a desert climate in years and its been a welcome challenge adapting to the seasonal climate in the New England area.

Finally, I’ll be headed up to Portland, OR, where the company I work for now has a regional office.  A significant number of good friends and coworkers all live and work out of the Portland, OR office and I think it would be a good chance for me to spend some time in a different work environment as well as get some face-time with people I haven’t seen in a while.

Once all of that is said-and-done, I’ll be making a straight-shot drive back East toward Boston, MA.  All said-and-done, there will be an additional 7,000 miles added to my odometer and a whole lot of photos, memories, and good vibes will be fresh in my mind.  I fully intend to document the trip here on this blog and to post photos that are fun and interesting to look at.  Watch this space for more updates.

Why a trip of this duration or distance?  “Because Adventure”, that’s why.

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