Adventure Part 2: Arrival

Spent the night at a scenic area pullout on I-70 Friday night and took a few photos before passing out.  I’m discovering that the back of the truck isn’t anywhere near as insulated as I’d hoped, which means that the viable temperature range is probably somewhere between forty and seventy degrees (with a cross breeze).

The friends I waited for at Copper Mountain early on Saturday morning ended-up having an accident on the way in.  Lost control on the highway on a patch of ice or something and sent their SUV into the ditch on the shoulder.


At the very least, I managed to get some time on some unfamiliar terrain and got some turns in on steep moguls and a pretty fast chute with some big embankments on either side.  Conditions were genuinely good for the majority of the day and I got nearly five hours of riding in.

IMG_0789 IMG_0788

After calling it a day at about two o’clock, I got on the road and started ambling my way down toward Las Vegas.  The majority of the drive was spent traversing the length of Utah, which is intensely beautiful in a way that photos taken on a cellphone can’t quite convey.

IMG_0798IMG_0800 IMG_0799

Finally arrived in Las Vegas at about twelve-thirty in the morning and spent some time catching up with some folks before passing-out on the couch.

The morning after brought some good food and re-connection with friends.  After throwing together a plan to go boulder, three friends and I booked out to Calico Basin near Red Rocks Canyon to go play around on some boulders.


Got on some pretty interesting V4-plus problems all over the area and managed to nearly finish out Monkey Bars, which is a classic V4 on the back-end of Calico Basin.  Big hand-jugs combined with some interesting face-climbing toward the top-out makes for an interesting problem.  Overall a good day.

Hopefully there will be more to talk about in the coming days.  Hoping to jump on some trad climbs later this week.

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