How much does it cost…

  • To buy your consent?
  • To buy your ignorance?
  • To buy your ethics?
  • To buy your blindness?
  • To buy your silence?

On the inverse-side:

  • To buy your generosity?
  • To buy your kindness?
  • To buy your empathy?
  • To buy your curiosity?
  • To buy your alignment?

The cost isn’t always paid in terms of monetary exchange.  It’s more likely you gave something up for free or shifted the cost to someone else.

When you allow someone to “buy” your consent, ignorance, ethics, blindness, or silence for a product, a political maneuver, or social issue, are you really getting what you expected from the exchange?  What about the non-white, non-Christian, non-binary people proverbially adjacent to you?  Or how about that sweat-shop factory on the other side of the planet?  Or that family member that looks up to you and loves you dearly?

Sometimes cost isn’t measured in money.  Sometimes there’s an indirect social or political cost.

Are you weighing the costs?

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