Communication is complicated.

It’s not just what you convey, it’s how and when.

Maybe that spontaneous email or text message is fine.  Unscheduled positive interactions can be a great basis for some communications.

But more often than not, it’s the consistent, regular interactions that help create the deepest connections.

Leaving a coworker’s question until later when you can actually focus?  Communicating the situation to them can help both of you figure out if it’s even appropriate or if it’s really that urgent.

Leaving friends hanging without communicating anything?  That’s a surefire way to fray a relationship.

Leaving a business contact in suspense?  Maybe it’s not quite time for that purchase, or maybe it’s just not a good fit.

In any case, the remedy is simple: communicate.

The hard part is actually building the habit of communicating.  It takes repetition, commitment, and conscientiousness–but it can be done.

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