Sometimes a little separation is necessary.

Consider a welding machine like a MIG or TIG welder. Too much separation and there isn’t enough electrical arc and heat generated on the metal to bond it.  Too little and you end-up fusing the welding gun or your bonding material to the metal directly.  Not ideal in either case.

A little proverbial distance can give you a lot more than just perspective, it can sometimes be the key to unlocking new insights or seeing something much more clearly.  Taking the necessary time away from work, family, friends, obligations, and commitments might be the best way to gain a better understanding of your efforts and priorities.

But the inevitable return is what separates a beneficial (albeit temporary) separation from a detrimental one.  Eventually you have to go back and take the insights and wisdom gained back to the effort.

Letting “eventually” be the interval is just stalling.  Don’t wait, because the world won’t.

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