Tonight was bad.  Just felt bad, looked bad, smelled bad, tasted bad, sounded bad.  Bad, bad, bad.  Feeling like I need a bag of ritalin, a padded cell, a crash-helmet, a locked door, and a LOT of time.  I’m just… so angry at everything.  Angry at myself because I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, […]

I kind of learned something else tonight, and the universe delivered this one right to my ears without me even having to look for it.  I was sitting at home reading an ebook on Python programming, feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to go see… but then I […]

We live in a very “fake” world.  Fake people, fake smiles, fake goals, fake dreams… hell, we even falsify things to ourselves to make ourselves feel better (or worse).  Many people with low self-esteem cannot, for the life of them, figure out other people, figure out how they can get into the swim of things, […]

“The Power Of Vulnerability” (Speaker: Brene Brown, TEDxHouston 2010) This is one of the most prescient talks I have seen out of any of the TED Talks I have watched so far.  It focuses on a specific issue that was spawned from a particular post titled “Feeling Unworthy?  Finding Your Way To Freedom” that dropped […]

I want to be remembered for the things I did, the person I was, and the people whose lives I made an impact on in some way. I want to be remembered for the things that I did.  The poetry that was written in dark lounges and bright halls every day, and the words that […]

Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope everything is going either according to plan, or at the very least things are going pleasantly for those of you that continue to read.  Spent an interesting New Year’s on the side of a frozen hilltop outside Hesperia, CA, shivering til I couldn’t feel anything anymore, sleep-deprived, and totally wishing […]