That people are being gas-lit every day. That the environment is getting worse. That we’re only a few steps away from reenacting The Handmaid’s Tale. That subjugation and merciless violence continue unabated. That the rights, freedoms, and unnamed liberties that some segment of Americans take for granted remain elusive or unrealized for millions more. And […]

Empty space, right?  A strict utilitarian might look at empty space like a margin in a book, newspaper, or a website as wasted opportunity. Fill it with more color, more ads, more text, more-more-more. Once it’s full though, the margin has lost its original intended use: a passive method of delineation. A book’s margins don’t […]

Sometimes a little separation is necessary. Consider a welding machine like a MIG or TIG welder. Too much separation and there isn’t enough electrical arc and heat generated on the metal to bond it.  Too little and you end-up fusing the welding gun or your bonding material to the metal directly.  Not ideal in either […]

If our inner monologues are saying things that we wouldn’t say to anyone else out loud, what purpose does that serve? If our inner monologues are reinforcing values and beliefs that aren’t true anymore, why do we still believe them? If our inner monologues are telling us things that are distorting our view of the […]

Sometimes means leaving behind something that we love or care about too much. Leaving Facebook because it’s too toxic and doesn’t add value to our lives. Declining additional commitments or dropping them because we’re over-subscribed. Avoiding taking on additional work when we’re already working at our limit. And sometimes it means simply saying “no thank […]

It’s easy to fall into the fallacy that effective communication is more about being clear than it is about honesty. Presenting information in a clear and engaging way is certainly helpful. Presenting your information with honesty and humility does more to engage your audience than anything else. The hallmark of a great communicator is someone […]

Depression and trauma commit the most heinous of crimes. They steal our ability to be happy, to love unconditionally, and to be fully present. They make it hard to comprehend that our suffering isn’t grounded in a complete and holistic view of reality. They prevent us from being able to understand that all of us are […]

Muscle fibers and tendons can tear during training. Bones can fracture and break during the execution. Brain cells can fire white-hot through the effort. The thing about things that break, is the fact that if the organism survives, the organism has the opportunity to strengthen and improve. Muscle fibers and tendons strengthen after periods of […]

Communication is complicated. It’s not just what you convey, it’s how and when. Maybe that spontaneous email or text message is fine.  Unscheduled positive interactions can be a great basis for some communications. But more often than not, it’s the consistent, regular interactions that help create the deepest connections. Leaving a coworker’s question until later when you […]

Many times in a life, there comes a reckoning of sorts.  A time when viewing the past through the lenses of experience and brutal honesty becomes more than an activity–it becomes a way of life. Sometimes, but not always, suffering comes galloping in on the most pale of horses and lays waste to an otherwise […]