Armchair politicians are just as guilty as professional political operatives of the same kinds of fallacies. Some claim that the “last gasps” of a society or civilization can be measured (or even predicted) via one particular metric, often varying between people of differing political leanings, socio-economic status, and personal philosophies. Many of them include anecdotes […]

It’s rare in this age for people who have a limited understanding of a given topic to not weigh-in on topics of grave importance. Bite-size news, tweets, and politically-driven memes are partially to-blame, but I think it is far more likely that in finding a level of digital anonymity, people are less afraid to let […]

This is the question that has been roiling in the back of my mind for the past few days as I have watched events un-fold around the world.  “Where are we now as a species?” Things aren’t all smiles-and-sunshine like many of the “polly-anna” positivity types would like many of us to believe; in fact, […]

This guy borders on venomous nihilism, and what I feel that he is completely missing is the “self-responsibility” aspect of the Democratic or Representative-Republic process. We, as the so-called “cattle” that are paying off the debts that we did not incur, still have the moral and intellectual responsibility to question and reinforce the efficacy and correctness […]