The deep-seated fallacy of hindrance (or in technology parlance, “blocked by”) in a lot of our narratives, interactions, and goals. We tend to cling to embedded narratives in terms of fallacious pre- and post-analysis.  We tend to self-recriminate ahead of time or ruminate on an outcome that we either didn’t anticipate or couldn’t predict. Rather […]

To buy your consent? To buy your ignorance? To buy your ethics? To buy your blindness? To buy your silence? On the inverse-side: To buy your generosity? To buy your kindness? To buy your empathy? To buy your curiosity? To buy your alignment? The cost isn’t always paid in terms of monetary exchange.  It’s more […]

It’s not a question that’s supposed to be superficial or easy to answer.  “A cheeseburger” isn’t the kind of answer that this kind of question, when asked with gravitas and vulnerability, that whole-hearted people are looking for. It’s not supposed to be easy to answer.  Difficult, yes –– but not impossible. What makes it seem impossible is […]

Heroes and leaders: Put on their pants just like everyone else. Have to stretch, train, learn, practice, and fail like everyone else. Wear protective gear and take safety precautions like everyone else. Speak and listen to others as they’d want to be spoken and listened to (like everyone else). There aren’t any secrets. Humility and […]

It robs you of perspective. Of appreciating how far you’ve gone and how far you have yet to go. Of understanding that the comparison isn’t fair or valid. Of the fact that the people you’re comparing yourself against have had or are currently having challenges that you can’t even bring yourself to think about Of the […]

It can be scary.  It can carry a lot of energy and sound like someone’s unloading.  Maybe that’s the point.  All their fears, desires, and dreams laid bare.  Maybe it carries a lot of intensity.  That’s certainly something I’ve gotten from people in the past.  “You’re too intense”, they’d say. Maybe that’s born out of […]

Communicate like we mean it? Love each other the way that we deserve? Engage in the work that matters? Really know what we want? Treat others the way we would want to be treated? Treat ourselves the way we would want to treat others? If you feel even the slightest pang, and you’re honest with […]

Is it the fault of the struggling individual to ask for help? Or is it the fault of the peers, onlookers, and bystanders who either ignored the struggle or never acted? Your answers to these questions might show you more than you think.

I did something this morning I haven’t done in a few weeks: I absently scrolled through a social media feed and internally-catalogued my response to each piece of “information”.  I recognized what privacy advocates and anti-social-media pundits have been crowing about for years: these platforms are means of surveillance, manipulation, and profit at their users’ […]

That jacket you just bought. Those shoes you just got. The photos you’re taking. The posts you’re writing. The words you’re using. The furniture you’re having delivered. If your answers don’t begin and end with “me”, “myself”, or “I”, then it begs the question: who is it really for?  Are you spending money to buy things […]