Nobody likes the “brilliant asshole”.  Don’t be either of those things. Doesn’t matter how much good work you do if you’re an insufferable jackass.  You might be right or have good ideas but nobody’s going to want to work with you. Doesn’t matter what you have to say or what you have to show for […]

I feel as though I’ve spent enough time doing Systems Administration that I figure it’s time to vent a bit and point out some common fallacies and reasons why these are anti-patterns for both successful SysAdmins as well as overall health of tech organizations. “Just restart the service/host.” If companies wanted this kind of response to […]

My relationship with the “technology industry” has been contentious in many ways.  I’ve been diagnosed with and am currently undergoing treatment for PTSD, struggled with depression, and have intermittently contemplated suicide.  Constantly fighting with myself, battling Impostor Syndrome, and pushing back against my own unrealistic expectations of things is as exhausting as you might imagine. […]

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of the words “mental health”? Straightjackets? Pills? Psychiatrists and leather couches? If they are, you might not need to place all the blame on yourself. Western culture, to this day, still manages to maintain a deeply-entrenched stigma around the notion of mental health […]

At the behest of a friend in the DevOps community in Boston, I’ve been trying to give Ansible a go.  In thinking about this, I’ve also realized that I’ve stumbled across a few problematic areas in getting a basic Ansible setup that I hope to help others avoid by documenting them here. First and foremost: […]

It might seem easy to dismiss problems in any group as rabble-rousing or hyperbole.  What’s more telling is the dismissal or lack of focus on the problems rather than the acknowledgement. On the other hand, acknowledging problems and pressing-on anyway might be the best way to show others in the group that the focus might […]

People can be pretty bad at communicating.  We are often so buried under various types of work that it becomes a struggle to “keep your head above water”, and often treading that water tends to promote anger, resentment, and frustration.  I’ve noticed a pretty common theme among most places I’ve ever worked: Every place I’ve ever […]

You don’t know the material.  RTFM.  I can’t talk to you until you’ve read these books, done this work, passed this test, worked on this open source project.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.  You didn’t do this in the tried-and-tested method from when I learned it. These statements might be one of two […]

I think there’s a lot to be said for trying to reach beyond yourself and challenge yourself to do something better.  The call to do more, to do better, to improve something is strong and it touches the deepest parts of ourselves. Conversely, I think there’s something else to be said for having the wisdom and […]