Something that was brought to my attention yesterday by a fantastic episode of the podcast “Why Is This Happening?” with Chris Hayes is the simple fact that a multiethnic, multiracial, pluralistic, representative, egalitarian democracy has never existed on this planet at any point in human history. While we continue to stumble and miss the mark, for the last […]

As far as philosophical and social goals go, how awesome would it be if as a civilization we completely and utterly disavowed all violent actions and instead focused our efforts on unlocking the potential and providing the fuel for dreams of every human being on Earth? What if instead of spending trillions of dollars on […]

Our dependence on labels is killing us, figuratively and literally. “Flyover states”. “Coastal elites”. “Country hicks”. “Urban war-zones”. When we fail to see our dependence on labels, when we dehumanize someone and divest them of the totality of their life experience and their worth through arbitrary categorization, we in-turn dehumanize ourselves. We let tribalism and […]

It’s the end of summer. I can feel the days getting shorter. The darkness at night at this latitude is both isolating and soothing. I think I’m becoming more okay with being myself. I feel less anxious walking down the street. I can look strangers in the eyes and smile at them. The gulf between […]

Proving your worth is more than about statistics. It’s about believing. It’s about delivering the beef. It’s about the positive difference that your contribution provides. If your only claim-to-fame within the circles you travel in are the number of problems you solve, the size of deals you close, or the number of friends or connections […]

I remembered a quote from The Hobbit earlier this evening that I had the hardest time ignoring. The quote came from Gandalf speaking to Lady Galadriel regarding his choice of Bilbo Baggins to follow the dwarves adventuring company to The Lonely Mountain, and it spoke of small deeds holding back the darkness where great power […]

Journal Entry for March 3rd, 2013 10:15PM EST, Arlington, MA I can’t sleep yet, but the silence in the house is helping me think and helping me to more fully cycle through the thoughts I have swirling around in my head.  It feels like it’s been an eternity since I’ve been able to even think […]

Seems to me that people seem to misunderstand just what it is that they are capable of.  People like the ease of being able to click a ‘share’ or ‘like’ button on a link or being able to comment on something that dances around the central problem that they are trying to make a statement […]

Spent most of the day on Sunday being brought nose-to-nose like a dog to a pile of its own excrement to the fact that I am completely and utterly non-committal.  For the longest time, I operated under the assumption that I simply deserved better after being treated with a degree of mild contempt and bemusement […]

We’re a species adrift in a sea of change that is quickly turning into a moral, social, and political mire. We spend too much time squabbling amongst ourselves over non-issues when the biggest problems are staring us right in the face. Extremism, jingoism, xenophobia, homophobia; these are all things that we can end in our […]