I’m feeling snarky about things as of late, but I kind of feel like they’re a defense mechanism; a mask almost.  I’m finding it difficult to remain unfazed while working and with the mounting financial and societal weight on my shoulders as of late.  Trying to figure out the best way to fix some of […]

PostAWeek2011 came up with this one: What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts? Well, here’s the short list: I’m having a difficult time finding a group of people that I can socialize with on a semi-regular basis. I’m having issues trying to balance my expectations vs. reality I almost constantly […]

Defeating expectations of the self and expectations of certain situations is a difficult undertaking, to be sure.  I’ve been finding lately over the course of a couple weeks now that I push myself entirely too hard and expect perfection in myself when perfection is clearly impossible given the circumstances and skill level (or “levels”, in […]

I needed to get this out.   Brother Ali says “This is a showtune, but the show ain’t been written for it yet”… I beg to differ.  The show’s been written, the sham-production’s been underway for centuries, and people’s fists are raised but they don’t have a clue what-for.  The people that walked out of […]

Going to sign-up for the Post-A-Week 2011 Challenge here on WordPress and see where things go. I may not always have the most positive things to say, but I’ll certainly try my best. Here’s to a new year, and many blessings on you all.