Currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Previously lived in the New England area from 2011-2020. My primary focus is on simplifying my life, my health, my relationships, and finding pursuits that are meaningful to me.

What am I doing for work?

  • Enhancing company culture, technology, and processes at AthenaHealth

What am I doing for self-improvement?

  • Building a journaling habit
  • Snowboarding/splitboarding as often as I can
  • Climbing as often as my body will let me
  • Learning how to take better care of myself and reduce stress

What else am I doing?

  • Simplifying my life by donating, selling, or otherwise removing “stuff”
  • Looking for climbing gyms I can assist with route/problem setting at (now that I’ve completed the USAC Level 1 Clinic)
  • Compiling information on winter backcountry navigation and skills
  • Figuring out what challenges are important to me and taking them on

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