Currently living in Watertown, Massachusetts.  I’ve been in the greater New England area since 2011, and my primary focus is on simplifying my life, my health, my relationships, and finding pursuits that are meaningful to me.

What am I doing for work?

  • Enhancing company culture, technology, and processes at AthenaHealth

What am I doing for self-improvement?

  • Building a blogging habit
  • Snowboarding/splitboarding as often as I can
  • Climbing as often as my body will let me
  • Learning how to take better care of myself and reduce stress

What else am I doing?

  • Simplifying my life by donating, selling, or otherwise removing “stuff”
  • Looking for climbing gyms I can assist with route/problem setting at (now that I’ve completed the USAC Level 1 Clinic)
  • Compiling information on winter backcountry navigation and skills
  • Figuring out what challenges are important to me and taking them on

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Page Movement” (article).  Last updated 2020-01-04.