Something that struck me recently was the revelation that some of the people I look up to the most in outdoor action sports and adventure wear kneepads. Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice wear kneepads. I didn’t initially think about it, but I went back and looked again and I was dumbfounded. Some of my heroes, people that loom large […]

Splitboarding is probably the most interesting activity I’ve ever engaged in.  Ever since I first saw one and saw its potential for what it could make available to me in terms of terrain and travel options, I wanted to try it.  Watching movies like the Jeremy Jones Trilogy (Deeper, Further, and Higher respectively) gave me […]

I think I’ve got a lot to think about. I think that I think too much. I think I’m both batshit crazy and just this side of sane. The more that I think about where I am in my life, the more I think that I need to wander. It’s not that I dislike people […]

I have a crazy idea.  Well, it’s not so much “crazy” as it is “unorthodox”, but just come with me on this little lark for a minute or two: What would happen if you cut down your possessions to the absolute bare minimums?  Some clothes, your laptop, whatever vehicle you own, a small collection of […]