Communicate like we mean it? Love each other the way that we deserve? Engage in the work that matters? Really know what we want? Treat others the way we would want to be treated? Treat ourselves the way we would want to treat others? If you feel even the slightest pang, and you’re honest with […]

To talk smack. To say you’re going to show up (and then don’t). To make excuses. To blame. To avoid. To fail (often publicly). Conversely, it’s really hard… To ask questions and be constructive. To show up, participate, and invest yourself. To take responsibility. To ask “how can I make up for this or help make it […]

I’d put money on the bet that the definition of amazing varies as much as any variable in the physical universe.  What constitutes an amazing life, an amazing career, an amazing passion or hobby, or even an amazing family or relationship just might depend more on your relationship to the word and your perspective than it […]

Intending to build on my previous post around this time last year, I’ve been in a reflective mood.  I’m less fearful in a lot of ways, and more uncertain in others.  This year has given me a lot to think about and a lot to move forward with.  Relationships have deepened in many ways, others have […]

I’ve spent the better part of the last week coming back to reality from vacation. I met so many wonderful people and had such deep experiences that I’ve found myself trying to find ways to make the positive and challenging aspects of my time away a permanent fixture in my life. Something that I’ve been […]

It’s been challenging trying to deal with what Burning Man participants typically call “reentry”, especially after so many days away from what passes for the normal pattern of life.  Returning to the seemingly endless expanse of lit concrete-and-steel boxes, the noise, the confusion, and the heat that comes from compression of human life and energy […]

I’ve written about this specific topic in the past, but the treatment that it’s gotten has often been hazy or has had indirect references to many facets of my personal life and personality.  The more that I talk with people within the climbing and tech communities about the very vulnerable, personal things that I am […]

This week I turned twenty-eight.  It still hasn’t fully sank-in that I’m a mere two years from thirty; a stone’s throw in the grand scheme.  I started thinking back to some of the things that I’ve seen and done and how things could have been markedly different–but the more I thought about it, the more […]

Because that would make us cruel. We don’t berate them for trying, we encourage and celebrate even the things that “aren’t quite there yet”. Yet in most modern meritocratic societies, we don’t celebrate failures. We only look at the highlight reels and put people on pedestals as examples. We don’t celebrate progressive failures nearly enough, […]