From the outside, it seems as though American society plays a lot of lip-service to the idea of what I would call “common work”; trades and labor specifically. ┬áPeople pay a lot of attention to the rates of college graduates, advanced degrees, and technical or scientific expertise–but the same kind of attention and respect is […]

Home isn’t always just “where the heart is”. For some, home is often that safe space where they can feel lighter and less compressed. For others, home is where their loved ones are. Home can be that space where the madness of the world and the compression of modern life can be kept at-bay for […]

In this, Seth Godin is correct once again. ┬áSome people I know personally (including myself) have fallen into this trap more than once, and end-up getting caught-up in this unrealistic expectation of the way it’s going to be. Once the hard part starts, the disillusionment sets-in and either folks give-up or they find reasons not […]