That people are being gas-lit every day. That the environment is getting worse. That we’re only a few steps away from reenacting The Handmaid’s Tale. That subjugation and merciless violence continue unabated. That the rights, freedoms, and unnamed liberties that some segment of Americans take for granted remain elusive or unrealized for millions more. And […]

Lead with it.  It might seem inscrutible, impossible to comprehend the reasons why depending upon what subject is being queried.  But the impossibility of starting with it begs the question itself: why not start with “why”? Take, for example, an engineer.  Brilliant, but utterly fearful and ineffective at communicating.  Why? Perhaps that very same brilliant engineer […]

It’s not that I feel more than most people, I’m just more willing to feel it. I’m not more nuanced or practiced at placing myself in someone else’s proverbial shoes or position, I just more willing to do it. Why am I willing to place myself in positions of vulnerability? Why am I placing a […]

It’s been challenging trying to deal with what Burning Man participants typically call “reentry”, especially after so many days away from what passes for the normal pattern of life.  Returning to the seemingly endless expanse of lit concrete-and-steel boxes, the noise, the confusion, and the heat that comes from compression of human life and energy […]