I don’t know how other people describe something like queerness. I guess that’s the point of the word really—different. Is my bisexuality a problem or is it just one facet of who I am that gives context and texture to the person that I have become and will eventually morph into? My life, being not-quite-straight […]

I’ve found it more difficult than usual lately to quantify just what exactly a mature masculinity within the context of gay culture is supposed to look like.  After reading “A Place At The Table: The Gay Individual in American Society” by Bruce Bawer, I began to identify with some of the irksome idiosyncrasies that had […]

What does it mean to be masculine in the Age of Masculinity? What does it mean to be “masculine” in the first place? These are things that my father failed to teach me. These are things that American culture has failed to define.

So, after listening to a recording of a panel from PantheaCon this past week with a topic revolving around “queer” paganism, deities, myths, legends, and the like I began wondering aloud to myself about how gender, gender identity and sexuality have played-out in my life and why my experiences and behavior have been starkly different […]