It’s easy to fall into the fallacy that effective communication is more about being clear than it is about honesty.

Presenting information in a clear and engaging way is certainly helpful.

Presenting your information with honesty and humility does more to engage your audience than anything else.

The hallmark of a great communicator is someone who can balance both, and it’s a great feeling to know that you’re trying.


It can be scary.  It can carry a lot of energy and sound like someone’s unloading.  Maybe that’s the point.  All their fears, desires, and dreams laid bare.  Maybe it carries a lot of intensity.  That’s certainly something I’ve gotten from people in the past.  “You’re too intense”, they’d say.

Maybe that’s born out of a desire to not mince words or waste anybody’s time.  To an honest person, nothing is worse than superficiality or superfluousness.  Ephemeral words and meaningless interactions–that’s a quick way to make an honest person frustrated.

If you’re interacting with an honest person, you’ll know it.  There’s a noticeable lack of pretense, sometimes a very disquieting conveyance of intent.

Get to the point.

Which isn’t to say that an honest person has a lack of whimsey or creativity.  For the things that matter to them, they’ll spend hours talking about nuances and minutiae.  These things aren’t trivial, they’re essential to the point.

Which begs the question: why aren’t you this honest?  Wouldn’t everyone’s lives be better spent being honest and vulnerable?

Because both take courage; something many people claim to have yet few possess.