I’ve spent the better part of the last week coming back to reality from vacation. I met so many wonderful people and had such deep experiences that I’ve found myself trying to find ways to make the positive and challenging aspects of my time away a permanent fixture in my life. Something that I’ve been […]

On vacation for the first time since early this year. I’ve had discussions with people telling me that I should have taken more time off a lot earlier, and I think in retrospect they were probably more right than I wanted them to be. There’s a lot that probably could have been avoided if I’d […]

It’s been challenging trying to deal with what Burning Man participants typically call “reentry”, especially after so many days away from what passes for the normal pattern of life.  Returning to the seemingly endless expanse of lit concrete-and-steel boxes, the noise, the confusion, and the heat that comes from compression of human life and energy […]

Been on the road for about five days now. I’ve traveled at least two thousand miles of road since I started on this adventure. I’m beyond happy that I’ve been able to get this far and do what I’ve been wanting to do for years. Colorado is an amazing place. So many different people and […]

In my experience, there’s a tremendous disconnect between what HR departments are designed to do and what I feel like they should be doing.  The constant refrain I’ve heard from peers in the working world is “HR is there to protect the business”, not to be a resource for humans. What I’ve been finding more […]

It used to be that I enjoyed dealing with complex problems.  It used to be that I got a charge out of being in the heat of the moment and working to fix things.  It used to be that I loved being able to learn new things in the rush of everything. But it’s all changed.  I’m angrier […]

Been a rough couple of weeks.  Been thinking a lot about how I interact with the world given that through no real fault of my own I belong to a category of individuals that have historically been subject to separation and ostracization. By which I mean I am, by popular belief and definition, “mentally-ill”.  I see […]

I have a crazy idea.  Well, it’s not so much “crazy” as it is “unorthodox”, but just come with me on this little lark for a minute or two: What would happen if you cut down your possessions to the absolute bare minimums?  Some clothes, your laptop, whatever vehicle you own, a small collection of […]

I’ve tried to more deeply consider the meaning of the word “adventure”; what it ultimately means to my soul, what it might hold for me in the future, and what I can do to cultivate more of it. I’ve been working harder lately to try and treat more things in my life as such. Getting-up […]

People can be pretty bad at communicating.  We are often so buried under various types of work that it becomes a struggle to “keep your head above water”, and often treading that water tends to promote anger, resentment, and frustration.  I’ve noticed a pretty common theme among most places I’ve ever worked: Every place I’ve ever […]