It used to be that I enjoyed dealing with complex problems.  It used to be that I got a charge out of being in the heat of the moment and working to fix things.  It used to be that I loved being able to learn new things in the rush of everything. But it’s all changed.  I’m angrier […]

I’ve tried to more deeply consider the meaning of the word “adventure”; what it ultimately means to my soul, what it might hold for me in the future, and what I can do to cultivate more of it. I’ve been working harder lately to try and treat more things in my life as such. Getting-up […]

I’ve spent a lot of time living under the belief that I am insufficient, deficient, or otherwise defective. I believed that this was the case because no one was even pretending to be my champion. I lived in such painful invisibility that I acted out in a number of ways just to somehow try and […]

I felt like part of the world yesterday. Getting up, getting on a train to Back Bay, having brunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple months, ambling around Harvard Square without any “hurry” or “busy-ness” attached to it. The surreality of the experience was so vivid that at several points I had […]

Because that would make us cruel. We don’t berate them for trying, we encourage and celebrate even the things that “aren’t quite there yet”. Yet in most modern meritocratic societies, we don’t celebrate failures. We only look at the highlight reels and put people on pedestals as examples. We don’t celebrate progressive failures nearly enough, […]

I think there’s a lot to be said for trying to reach beyond yourself and challenge yourself to do something better.  The call to do more, to do better, to improve something is strong and it touches the deepest parts of ourselves. Conversely, I think there’s something else to be said for having the wisdom and […]

Long ago, when you or your contemporaries outgrew the morality or the pettiness of your surroundings, you went one of two directions: East or West. You went, and went, and went some more until there was no more distance to travel… or when you were finally by yourself. These days, there’s no more distance to […]

There are some admissions I should have made a long time ago, both to myself and to the people around me. There are many reasons why I seem so clingy and so needy. Primary of which is the loneliness and abandonment that colored the majority of my time as a youth. There were spans of […]

It’s been a long and sordid ride through the last four months of my life.  Words just aren’t enough to convey the places my life and my choices have taken me and the pain that I have endured.  I swore I’d never bleed for anyone or anything ever again–yet here I sit, bled-dry and left […]