Unfortunately I’ve spent the last couple of weeks not really doing anything terribly difficult or exciting.  A lot of recovery, sleeping, and re-settling since this winter due to a lot of things, but primarily to do with the fact that I had injured both meniscus while snowboarding.  I’ve been working hard to stay on some kind […]

Something that struck me recently was the revelation that some of the people I look up to the most in outdoor action sports and adventure wear kneepads. Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice wear kneepads. I didn’t initially think about it, but I went back and looked again and I was dumbfounded. Some of my heroes, people that loom large […]

Things have been markedly different the last few weeks.  Besides the weather being all over the place, there’s been a significant amount of tumult.  Winter injuries, relationship changes, seasonal depression, social and political news taking their toll – you name it, it’s happened. The weather finally broke a bit this last week.  A near-tolerable weekend […]

A lot of things have come up since the accident and since I’ve been without a car. Thoughts coming to me unbidden, some realizations, and re-learning some lessons. A lot of them revolving around my perceptions of people and their perceptions of me, but many of them dealing with the future. Been spending the past […]

You’re a parent even if you don’t realize it.  A parent to friends, coworkers, others’ children, maybe even your own children.  A parent to your own inner child, even.  I wish someone (anyone, really) had been a better parent for me—including myself.  I say and do things that aren’t the least bit flattering to observers. […]

I’ve spent a lot of time living under the belief that I am insufficient, deficient, or otherwise defective. I believed that this was the case because no one was even pretending to be my champion. I lived in such painful invisibility that I acted out in a number of ways just to somehow try and […]

Long ago, when you or your contemporaries outgrew the morality or the pettiness of your surroundings, you went one of two directions: East or West. You went, and went, and went some more until there was no more distance to travel–or when you were finally alone. These days, there’s no more distance to travel. All […]

Just because I am male doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the sting of exclusion.  Just because I am male doesn’t mean that I am unable to express myself. I do not aim to perpetuate what Henry Rollins called “the violent promise of inequality”. I feel the agonizing burn of implied sexual violence and domination. […]

My relationship with the “technology industry” has been contentious in many ways.  I’ve been diagnosed with and am currently undergoing treatment for PTSD, struggled with depression, and have intermittently contemplated suicide.  Constantly fighting with myself, battling Impostor Syndrome, and pushing back against my own unrealistic expectations of things is as exhausting as you might imagine. […]

Some people collectively spend more time seeking others’ weaknesses, searching for the soft under-belly of vulnerability that might grant them a sense of improvement in stature or station (illusory and fleeting though it might be).  In so doing, they waste the precious energy that might be better used and suited to healing the wounds that divide them from […]