I’ve never thought of myself as a “man”.  Not in the sense of gender, but in the sense of title or age. I hadn’t thought about the fact that up until recently I had always thought of myself as a “boy” or a “guy”–never a man.  To me, that was a title, something that was bestowed […]

Just because I am male doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the sting of exclusion.  Just because I am male doesn’t mean that I am unable to express myself. I do not aim to perpetuate what Henry Rollins called “the violent promise of inequality”. I feel the agonizing burn of implied sexual violence and domination. […]

It seems to me that the notion of a “mature masculinity” is intractibly entangled within a larger discussion about gender, their roles, and expression of the aforementioned characteristics. I suppose a better question  to answer first might be “what does maturity look like”? From a social perspective, a lot of what is considered “mature” behavior in […]

What does it mean to be masculine in the Age of Masculinity? What does it mean to be “masculine” in the first place? These are things that my father failed to teach me. These are things that American culture has failed to define.

So, after listening to a recording of a panel from PantheaCon this past week with a topic revolving around “queer” paganism, deities, myths, legends, and the like I began wondering aloud to myself about how gender, gender identity and sexuality have played-out in my life and why my experiences and behavior have been starkly different […]