My relationship with the “technology industry” has been contentious in many ways.  I’ve been diagnosed with and am currently undergoing treatment for PTSD, struggled with depression, and have intermittently contemplated suicide.  Constantly fighting with myself, battling Impostor Syndrome, and pushing back against my own unrealistic expectations of things is as exhausting as you might imagine. […]

To say that climbing has given me a reason to live isn’t hyperbole.  When things get tough, when I’m not able to “show up” for people, when I can’t handle anything–that’s when I go climbing. The climbing gym is my temple.  My meditation is the climb.  The motion, the focus, the effort; in combination it […]

On vacation for the first time since early this year. I’ve had discussions with people telling me that I should have taken more time off a lot earlier, and I think in retrospect they were probably more right than I wanted them to be. There’s a lot that probably could have been avoided if I’d […]

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of the words “mental health”? Straightjackets? Pills? Psychiatrists and leather couches? If they are, you might not need to place all the blame on yourself. Western culture, to this day, still manages to maintain a deeply-entrenched stigma around the notion of mental health […]

In my experience, there’s a tremendous disconnect between what HR departments are designed to do and what I feel like they should be doing.  The constant refrain I’ve heard from peers in the working world is “HR is there to protect the business”, not to be a resource for humans. What I’ve been finding more […]

Imagine you’re in a white room.  The room is infinitely-large; so large you can’t see a wall or any kind of horizon.  Now, imagine filling that room with televisions.  On those televisions is every thought and memory you’ve ever had, every possible situation of every single event in your life past, present, and future, and […]

I’ve written about this specific topic in the past, but the treatment that it’s gotten has often been hazy or has had indirect references to many facets of my personal life and personality.  The more that I talk with people within the climbing and tech communities about the very vulnerable, personal things that I am […]

I’m constantly amazed at how some people closest to me are so adept at dealing with stress.  How some people are able to take some of what I would consider to be among the most stressful of situations and just carry on as if it’s nothing. I have some idea as to why that is, too. […]

Home isn’t always just “where the heart is”. For some, home is often that safe space where they can feel lighter and less compressed. For others, home is where their loved ones are. Home can be that space where the madness of the world and the compression of modern life can be kept at-bay for […]