Sometimes means leaving behind something that we love or care about too much. Leaving Facebook because it’s too toxic and doesn’t add value to our lives. Declining additional commitments or dropping them because we’re over-subscribed. Avoiding taking on additional work when we’re already working at our limit. And sometimes it means simply saying “no thank […]

That jacket you just bought. Those shoes you just got. The photos you’re taking. The posts you’re writing. The words you’re using. The furniture you’re having delivered. If your answers don’t begin and end with “me”, “myself”, or “I”, then it begs the question: who is it really for?  Are you spending money to buy things […]

Going to try an experiment. Going to ask a series of three questions relating to living a meaningful life. Anyone can feel free to steal them and answer them on their own if they like. Just going to be brutally-honest and just put it all out there. Because hiding isn’t doing anything for anyone at […]

I still get the occasional question about my choice to engage in minimalism and why I’ve chosen to forego “stuff” in favor of experiences.  Even when I tell them that it’s more aesthetically pleasing to me to have fewer things and be less worried about what I still own, I still get the impression that people […]

What do I need and what do I want? What I need is to sate my deep-seated need for adventure; to feel alive. What I want is to feel free. Freedom to explore and room to grow. Modern life is constrictive. Society has expectations that aren’t in alignment with what I need. Do I think […]

What is your number? What is the floating-point number of “chits” you owe someone else? When you think about what was bought with that number, does it make you happy? Does it fill you with anxiety? How much did that ski trip cost exactly? Was that over-priced latte worth it? The next time you go […]

Maybe our definition of “happiness” is wrong. Maybe our civilization confuses material success with outward expressions of life satisfaction. Maybe there’s a depth to the definition of “happy” that we have not yet plumbed. Maybe that’s why so many of us feel confused and unhappy when we’re forced to question it. If the definition of […]

It’s amazing to me that in American society we take the notion of mortgaging our future happiness for short-term gain or pleasure as a cultural touchstone; a given practice to which strict adherence is mandatory. “Of course you’re supposed to mortgage your future via debt and contractual agreements–that’s how the monetary wheels continue to get the […]

I have a crazy idea.  Well, it’s not so much “crazy” as it is “unorthodox”, but just come with me on this little lark for a minute or two: What would happen if you cut down your possessions to the absolute bare minimums?  Some clothes, your laptop, whatever vehicle you own, a small collection of […]